The Food was really tasty. We had the Padideh special kebab and were really happy with it. He made the kebab right in front of us. It was fresh and flavourful. The Staff were quite nice too. The place was quite clean, not cramped, and open.

Zia Hakimi

The service and food were excellent. And the price quite reasonable. I will definitely come back when I visit Melbourne again. Thank you

Roozbeh A

This Persian restaurant is just great! High quality delicious food with a very fair price! Don't miss it!

Hesam Afshar

Best experience I have ever had, great food and services 👍👍

Arash Daemi

Great food, specially the chicken soup which they serve free as an entree. Best Persian Kebabs in Melbourne.

Liz Sall

Very nice food and lovely service,
Will be back again

Sam Arya

Yum, very friendly staff. I would dine in next time.

Chris Anders

Looks great smells great it is great

Parth Kashikar

Great food and value for money.

Cameron Nejad

Amazing homecooked style food, the charcoal kebab meals with rice are the way to go. Very nice family working here, nice set up inside for eating and reasonable prices. What else could u ask for will definitely be back for more times


Great service and nice food

Kieran Hoolihan

The large kebab is truly humungous!

Zahra Rabbani Zadeh

Reasonable prices, clean area, very delicious and well cooked kebabs especially kebab Barg.
Food serves with a free soup bowl,
Highly recommend.

Alan Hooman

Excellent Restaurant 

Pooia Lalbakhsh

Very delicious food, particularly their soup 👌

Anton Woo

Great food. Good value for money. Very friendly staff


Quality food, good service and very reasonable price

Abraham Shahverdi

I Had our lunch here on the 29th of Feb. Ordered koobideh kebab which was great. Great quality foods, highly recommended.


Tasty food & fair prices

Google Google

One of the best choices you can make for Arabic cuisine especially Persian/Iranian. The quality of food is second to none.

Mustafa Totakhil

Great service and food was very tasty. The Only encouraging feedback I would give is that they should bring the bread on the side instead of putting it under the kebabs. It Makes it easier to eat with rather then it sit under the kebab and go to waste.

Rana Muhana

Always happy to dine here. Love the service and the food.

Gino Velasquez

Best kebabs in the area

Afshin Toussipour

Good service and delicious foods thank you

Andrew Putnam

Really good kebabs and value. Beautiful other dishes too. Good variety

Sam Fatemi

Always delicious, and high quality authentic Persian food, I’m a regular customer and happy with service. But I suggest a little bit of a smile 😊 will make their food more delicious.
And make the customers happier

Saghi Abbasian

Great quality food & friendly staff

Kae Langmaid

I try and have at least 1 meal a fortnight here. Great kebabs

Essa Alyounis

Very good service and food

Sara Katiraei

It was perfect


The best Persian Kebab in Melbourne bay far, great service, very polite and friendly staff. Loved it, loved it, loved it. Definable going back and very soon!

Kate Williams

Very nice may get a kebab again

Matthew Nicolle

Good food

Mahdi Piryaei

Just Perfect